Founded in 1999s, Cottonil is one of the leading underwear & Home- wear brands in Egypt which is dedicated to supply high quality  under- wear & Homewear products for women, men, youth and kids. Led by a creative designing team, Cottonil believes in creating beauty and quali- ty products

The core business of Cottonil for underwear and homewear is the man- ufacturing of knitted garments for men, women and children. Since its establishment in 1999, it has distinguished itself in the market for top quality production, workmanship and management. Over the years we have been recognized for our reliability and ability to offer good products at competitive price points. We continue to develop Cottonil as design capable and quality oriented manufacturer


 As a result of our high quality products and outstanding  customer service, we have gained a global sales network reach- ing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, our company cre- ative design team continuously creates more than 300 new products under Cottonil and Vega. We already have 190 shops in through Egypt north,southt,east and west ; our brand is registered all over the world. We are opening soon in Spain and UAE at the same time. Cottonil Company is recognized today as the pioneer of Egyptian fashion underwear & Home wear brands, bringing evolutionary innovation into the designs of Home wear products. Products under the brand include women and men’s intimate apparel, including panties, boxer shorts, sleepwear, thermal wear, towels and socks. We are the biggest in Egypt who produceS Underwears ,Homewear,socks and seamless products. Covering an area of 60000 square meters, we now have over 5000 employees, an annual sales figure that exceeds USD 150000000 and currently exporting 40% of our production worldwide  Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Beside we have received ISO 9001; ISO 18001 .our main products with the B and B+ class. And we also have special products for A class customer

 The company owns Operation encompasses knitting, dyeing,    printing, cutting, Embroidery, sewing, ironing, and packaging – In other words, fully integrated and full-range operation

 Our products are Fully designed, produced and distributed in more than 190 shops around Egypt. Cottonil underwear is a pure 100% Egyptian brand for all family needs, men, women and kids  Our administration conforms to all of the local as well as international environmental and safety laws. We have more than 5000 employees, who are well taken care of in accor- dance and adherence with all of the international human rights and welfare standards We have a very well trained team of quality inspectors and audi- tors instilling strict quality measures during the lifecycle of all of our products.



4 Misr - Ismalia road, End of Giser Elsuez Street
After Badr Park, Industrial Zone Tel: (+202) 26989041 - 26989040
Fax: (+202) 26637330




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